This is the personal web site of Bruce Holland
founder of Virtual Group Business Consultants

People Development

Organisational Development

Consultant Development

Most People Development is about stuffing knowledge into the head; mine is more about drawing out the greatness that already exists - body, head, heart and soul.

People Products

  1. Leadership Development Program
  2. Herrmann's Brain Dominance Instrument
  3. Staff Empowerment Program
  4. Mentoring

Over 20 years experience working with 'virtual' business models that reduce top-down control, silos and bureaucracy and increase meaning , empowerment and communication.

Organisational Products

  1. Strategy Development
  2. Strategy Execution
  3. Culture Development
  4. Organisation Structure
  5. Merger Support.

It takes years to develop the information, knowledge and skills to become a successful external consultant or internal adviser; these products will make you more successful and earning more quickly.

Consultant Support

  1. Books
  2. Sector Development
  3. Community Development
  4. Breaking down Agency silos

Hot Spots

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