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+64 21 620 456

16 Kauri Street, Woburn, Hutt City, Wellington, New Zealand

Bruce Holland

Wokplace Wizard

Bruce is an author and business consultant. He is known as the 'workplace wizard'. His aim is to liberate human energy at work. He works in three areas that makes workplaces more resilient:

  1. Organisational strategy
  2. Organisational leadership
  3. Organisational design.

Bruce helps organisations achieve resilient workplaces where people feel more depth, connection and meaning. He specialises in getting people out of silos and working together faster with focus, trust, teamwork and cooperation. For you it's about reducing bureaucracy, opening communication and releasing energy in under-performing managers, staff and processes.

Magic and Logic

Bruce is a qualified accountant with a commerce degree; his early career was in senior finance roles and senior management roles at the highest level, he is deeply trained and experienced in logic. He knows the challenges that senior managers face and how to create positive strategic change. AND, Bruce is an amateur artist, he currently has the highest score for innovation out of over 20,000 people in Herrmann International's New Zealand database, and this thinking preference tends to provide magic. Ever since 1992, when Bruce went consulting, he has based his approach on both magic and logic. At the time the headlines in the paper said, "Consultant Creates Creative Thinkers." He strongly believes that the best solution involves utilising both the left-brain and right-brain. He has become known for both magic and logic.

Bruce's Purpose

Bruce's purpose is to "liberate the human spirit at work". Everything he does is dedicated to this. He works with carefully selected managers who know their strategy, leaders and design could be better.

Bruce Holland is one of New Zealand's most experienced change agents and facilitators.

Bruce is based in Wellington and works nationally and internationally; specialising in large public sector and private sector organisations. He facilitates better solutions across the organisation with Tops, Middles and Bottoms.

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