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About Virtual Group

Our Purpose

In a world increasingly characterised by volatility, uncertainty and risk, our purpose is to help clients become more resilient.

Our dream

Virtual Group was founded in 1992 on three big ideas:

  1. To liberate the human spirit at work. We believe there is a fundamentally better way for people to work involving body, head, heart and soul.

  2. To spread new "virtual" ways of working, based on the principles of organics more than mechanics. We aim for more self-organisation, self-management and bottom-up decision making. We are concerned about the current business model that is based on a mechanic world-view, standardisation, straight-line thinking, competition, and top-down hierarchy. The new "virtual" business model is based on a living-systems world-view, glove-fitting solutions, systems thinking, collaboration, networks and empowerment of all levels. A whole new way of doing business. We have deliberately built Virtual to be a model of the openness and flexibility we want to create. At its deepest level it's about love, truth and beauty.

  3. To rethink the way consulting services are delivered. We have positioned Virtual Group so that it's clearly better than the many small operators (especially in terms of access, skills and range), and a real alternative to the big consulting firms. This is why, in 1992, we launched Virtual Group in a pinstriped tent:
    1. A symbol of pinstriped quality, total flexibility and canvas-thin overheads.
    2. An image as different as we could make it from the traditional consulting companies.

Our story

Our story is the story of a totally different type of organisation. No wonder it grabbed the news in 1992 when it was launched. Through our "virtual" business model, Virtual Group has achieved many of the characteristics of bigger consultancies (quality standards, agreed procedures, backup, peer review, breadth of service and full guarantee) as well as the swiftness, flexibility and personal contact associated with small independent consultants.

Our delivery

  • Great business advice delivered only by senior consultants selected as leaders in their field
  • Tailored solutions, no formulas
  • Without the overheads of the traditional delivery model.

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